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Sunday, August 16, 2009

PackRat TS Tech Stuff

The PackRat Time Saver Toolbar only works on the PC's IE and Firefox browser (I've tested this), and the Mac's Opera (I think).

ok ok, i know a lot of you out there use Chrome - I do too.. But Chrome just doesn't have toolbars at this time.. so oh well, deal with it..

All you need to do to install this toolbar is to click on the link below.

WAIT ! ! 
If you are already using the MousehuntGuide Toolbar from my favorite blog,, then you're in luck! All you need to do is to drop the (+) on the left of the mousehuntguide toolbar, and you will be giving a short droplist. 

Click on the PackRatTS and the toolbar will switch over to that.

To switch back, drop the (+) again and choose back the Mousehuntguide toolbar.

Simple enough? Good.

If this is the first time with my toolbars, then click on the link below.

The installation process is self-explanatory really.. I don't know how to make it simpler..

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